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Hi Ben,

Sorry I should have sent this out with the letter, for reference EOSC is the European Open Science Cloud infrastructure.  The main one we are involved with is WP3.



ExPaNDS aims to support the coordination, convergence and federation of EOSC relevant national and/or thematic initiatives for open research data and services through the development of appropriate common tools and mechanisms. It will support the gradual alignment of policies and practices of EOSC-relevant national and/or thematic initiatives to EOSC standards and enables EOSC-relevant, noncommercial services to be accessed through the EOSC portal.

The project will be delivered by











To achieve the objectives ExPaNDS will perform three JRE work packages

·       WP 2: Enabling FAIR data for EU National facilities
The goal of this work package is to extend and deepen the adoption and use of FAIR data principles within the Photon and Neutron science community to allow publication and access of national facilities data and services within the EOSC. The outcome will be a set of policies, practises and guidelines within a FAIR Data Competency Framework for Photon and Neutron Science.

·       WP 3: EOSC data catalogue services for EU PaN National RIs
This work package will enable the implementation of harmonized policies, practices and guidelines coordinated in WP2 and provides services for WP4. It facilitates federated access to meta data, experimental data and related information. Exploiting existing links with communities such as PANOSC, services as OpenAIRE and standards as NeXus WP3 will enable and coordinate the adoption of agreed standards at a national science community level.

·       WP 4: EOSC data analysis services for EU PaN National RIs
This WP will exploit the deliverables of WP2 and WP3 that will provide FAIR ready data via well established meta-data catalogues. This will be achieved by coordinating existing data analysis services at national RI's with PaNOSC through EOSC, and other existing national and thematic initiatives for provision of data analysis services. This will require the coordination, adaption, and alignment of existing data analysis services at national RI's with the new data analysis services created within PaNOSC and other funded Horizon-2020 initiatives. Ultimately the service delivered will provide PaN users with the ability to run analysis workflows against the EOSC aligned data services. In doing so this will consolidate the reproducibility of the workflows, which is key to fully developing the FAIR principles for PaN data. For reproducibility and as a base for further continuous development a PaN reference data set will be prepared and published.
and three work packages to support application/implementation and sustainability of the outcome of ExPaNDS

·       WP 6: Outreach, dissemination, communication

·       WP 5: Training

·       WP 1: Management and sustainability

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Hi Mark,
   The letter looks fine in principle, but is there something I can read about this ExPaNDS proposal?


On 11/05/2018 05:37 PM, Mark.Basham at diamond.ac.uk<mailto:Mark.Basham at diamond.ac.uk> wrote:
Dear All,

I don't know what our current policy on this kind of thing is, but there is an EU proposal going in called ExPaNDS which aims to do the same as PaNOSC and make use of EOSC as well as possible.

NeXus is used in both PaNOSC and the new proposal ExPaNDS but I thought it might be nice to provide a letter of support for this, rather than find out about it after the fact.

Both Myself and Mark Könnecke are involved in the creation of this project, and I have taken the liberty of drafting a LoS which we might be happy to sign, please can you guys let me know what the process for this is, and if you would like any changes to the letter.

One final thing is that the deadline on this is very short, so I really need to have something for early next week, I understand that this may not be possible, but is worth a try.




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