[Nexus] Correct way to specify multiple signals

V. Armando Solé sole at esrf.fr
Thu Jan 11 10:03:09 GMT 2018

Hi Jacob,

On 11/01/2018 10:50, Jacob.Filik at Diamond.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi All,
> We also often struggle with how to explicitly show two datasets are related (e.g. raw data and fitted data).
> We have been sticking to the "one signal per NXdata", even when the axes are the same, and therefore can have lots of NXdata in a single NXentry, with little obvious to connect them (except just the name).
> We are looking into how we can specify the relationship between datasets, i.e. raw data in an NXdata comes from the NXdetector, the fitting result NXdata comes from algorithm defined in this NXprocess acting on the data in this NXdata (which comes from this NXdetector etc), but we haven't implemented against it yet.
> This is considerably more verbose than "signals" but should have better provenance.

Thanks for for your contribution.

We want *exactly* that because our intention is to put the NXdata group
containing multiple signals *inside* and NXprocess group. As you see we
want the same thing and having "signals" would allow us to do it because
as far as I know NXdata has no restrictions about where can be located
in a NeXus file.

We would be able to store in NXprocess the configuration used for the
treatment and the results of it.


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