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On Jan 12, 2018, at 9:46 AM, GOTZ Andrew <andy.gotz at esrf.fr<mailto:andy.gotz at esrf.fr>> wrote:

I do not develop applications anymore but I do NOT find your example for the 1D case confusing. I could imagine a generic application providing a plot of [‘detector’ ‘ic0’ ‘ic1’ ‘ic2’ ic3’] against 'Seconds' followed by an option to switch the X axes to ‘Epoch’,  or ’Two_Theta' with a single click.

Hi Andy,
NeXpy already effectively provides this functionality, with greater flexibility than the change would allow, i.e., the user can choose whatever array they like to be the signal and whatever array they choose as axis. It just requires a double-click on the signal, and then selecting an axis from the pull-down menu. The new proposal would restrict the user to selecting some arrays as signals and others as axes, but I quite often want to plot two signals together to see if they are linearly related, for example. At the moment, I see every new proposal through the lens of how it would have to be implemented in a generic program like NeXpy. I have already spent many hours finding ways of parsing new NeXus features, and will gladly spend more, but only if I’m convinced the feature is worth the effort.

BTW my email this morning was intended for Armando only, it got sent to the mailing list by mistake - sorry if I offended anyone ?-(. But it did express some frustration we feel getting the Nexus standard to integrate new features.

No offense taken. However, I think you are being a little unfair to say that NeXus is unwilling to integrate new features. This proposal is only a couple of days old, and I have already spent several hours exploring its implications. If it survives this kind of scrutiny, then it will be a robust addition to the standard that I would warmly welcome. If it doesn’t survive, we will have saved ourselves the problem of documenting another feature that is soon to be deprecated.

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