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Osborn, Raymond rosborn at anl.gov
Mon Jan 22 15:32:20 GMT 2018

I have obviously left out a few recently added base classes to those that are available by default in NeXpy, or more accurately in the underlying nexusformat package, for which I apologize. I will try to add them in an upcoming release.

However, you can create any class you want, by creating an NXgroup with the nxclass keyword.

>>> grating = NXgroup(nxclass=‘NXgrating’)
>>> grating.__class__

This was to allow people to experiment with new classes before getting them ratified by the NIAC.

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On Jan 22, 2018, at 8:06 AM, Heike Görzig <heike.goerzig at helmholtz-berlin.de<mailto:heike.goerzig at helmholtz-berlin.de>> wrote:

At the beamlines at BESSY II we are using gratings quiet often.
NXgrating is defined as a base class in the Nexus definitions, but I
can't create a NXgrating using nexpy or nexusformat in python3. Normally
it should be possible, or am I wrong here?

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