[Nexus] Release of NeXpy v0.10.9 and nexusformat v0.4.15

Osborn, Raymond rosborn at anl.gov
Fri Jan 26 04:25:04 GMT 2018

NeXpy v0.10.9 has just been released, and the underlying nexusformat API has been updated to v0.4.15. Both contain a number of bug fixes and enhancements so upgrading is recommended.

Given recent activity on this mailing list, the following changes might be of interest.

* This version contains support for the experimental NeXus method of defining auxiliary signals within a one-dimensional NXdata group. If the group attribute ‘auxiliary_signals' contains field names that share the same axis as the default signal, the contextual menu adds a new 'Plot All Signals’ command, which will display all the signals with a legend. If you want to try this out, Armando Solé has provided an example NeXus file, which contains the ‘auxiliary_signals’ attribute (https://cloud.esrf.fr/index.php/s/B1Sq04iJCCWyp1I).
* Least-squares fits performed using the Fit Dialog are now saved to a NXprocess group, rather than an NXentry group. This allows the program name, version, and fit timestamps to be added, as well as an NXnote summarizing the results of the fit.
* The list of base classes is updated. For example, it now includes NXgrating.

Full release notes are available at https://github.com/nexpy/nexpy/releases and https://github.com/nexpy/nexusformat/releases.

NeXpy provides a high-level Python interface to HDF5 files, particularly those stored as NeXus data, within a simple GUI. It is designed to provide an intuitive interactive toolbox allowing users both to access, visualize, and manipulate existing NeXus files, and to create new NeXus-conforming data structures without expert knowledge of the file format. The underlying Python API for reading and writing NeXus files is provided by the nexusformat package, which utilizes h5py.

NeXpy is available on both the Python Package Index server and Anaconda:

  $ pip install nexpy


  $ conda install -c nexpy nexpy

NeXpy Home Page: http://nexpy.github.io/nexpy/
NeXpy Github: https://github.com/nexpy/nexpy
NeXpy Release Notes: https://github.com/nexpy/nexpy/releases

Please report any bugs to the Github issues page. Other questions can be addressed here to the NeXus Mailing List.

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