[Nexus] Beamline description using Nexus

Pete Jemian jemian at anl.gov
Mon Jan 22 16:08:06 GMT 2018


Thanks for checking in.

On 1/22/2018 9:17 AM, Koennecke Mark (PSI) wrote:
> You create a new group and give it the type NXgrating. Then add fields matching the
> description of NXgrating.
> NeXus, by tradition, has been very neutron centric. It can very well be that there are fields missing, ....

You should also feel free to add any fields you see are missing.  The 
NeXus standard allows for the use of any field which is not already 
defined.  If you do introduce a new field, please make sure it is truly 
missing and that the name does not duplicate what is already in use. 
This is when members of the NIAC can be most helpful since they are 
aware of fields in other definitions.  Some other definitions may 
already be using the concept of what you wish to describe and the NIAC 
can identify that.


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