[NeXus-committee] Instrument Definitions

Andy Gotz andy.gotz at esrf.fr
Fri Apr 7 06:22:45 BST 2006

Hi Pete,

I agree with the renaming. It is more generic that way.

I would be inclined to specify the NXpositioner a bit more like adding 
limits, units. What do you and Stuart (the current proposer of NXmotor) 
and the rest think ?

Currently the spec converter we have written converts a spec motor to a 
single NXdata value but I don't find this very good because we have lost 
the information that it is a positioner.


Pete R. Jemian wrote:

> Andy:
> The present NXmotor is pretty basic ... a generic positioner.
> (http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/index.php?title=NXmotor)
> I believe we agreed to define it this way with the plan
> to revise it in the future.  Nick suggests that we consider
> NXpositioner since non-motor items (such as piezoelectric
> transducer, temperature, magnet current, or magnet field
> strength) are often used as the scanned or independent variable.
> I propose renaming NXmotor to NXpositioner, as in:
> http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/index.php?title=NXpositioner
> and then we add this for ratification.
> Pete
> Andy Gotz wrote:
>> Hi Pete,
>> can we add NxMotor to thes to be ratified? Where should it be added? 
>> It is not an instrument.
>> Andy
>> Peterson, Peter F. wrote:
>>> I am being "gently" reminded from a couple of people that we are a bit
>>> late on getting more instrument definitions ratified. If you think that
>>> a instrument definition that you have been working on is ready for
>>> ratification added to the list in the section at the bottom of
>>> <http://www.nexus.anl.gov/mediawiki/index.php?title=Instruments>
>>> We will hold a vote on the proposed definitions in the near future. 
>>> I am
>>> not saying when since it greatly depends on how fast everybody links to
>>> definitions.
>>> Also, feel free to update the links on this page to the proper
>>> definitions as well.
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