[Nexus-developers] Naming of the python modules

Carlos Pascual cpascual at cells.es
Tue Dec 20 15:50:29 GMT 2011

Even if I woud also like to us "import nexus", I don't think it is a good idea 
to change now
It would create serious backward incompatibilities unless you keep both names 
(which is technically difficult to do well).

And, most important, a nexus python module is already registered in PyPi: 



On Tuesday, 20 of December, 2011 16:38:07 Ray Osborn wrote:
> Hopefully, you got my message to the NeXus Mailing List concerning the
> revised tree API. As a follow-up, I would like to change the name of the
> module from 'nxs' to 'nexus' if there are no objections. It's a minor
> point, but I would prefer to do 'import nexus' and it would probably make
> more sense and be more memorable to the average user. I don't think we
> have a coherent naming scheme for all the different language bindings and
> I'm not sure that 'nxs' is used anywhere else.
> Could the developers who were involved in the relevant discussions let me
> know if there was a good reason for not using 'nexus', such as concerns
> over name clashes with other projects. There isn't another nexus in the
> Enthought distribution, so it doesn't look like it should be a problem.
> With regards,
> Ray

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