[NeXus-committee] HDF5-XMP metadata

Benjamin Watts benjamin.watts at psi.ch
Wed Aug 8 17:39:04 BST 2018

Hi Everybody,
    OK, it seems to work now and I have moved all of the code. The 
README file in the repository should tell you all you need to know. I 
have also created a release and attached some precompiled binaries of 
the file browser plugins  for your convenience:

Note that Python code is provided to read and write metadata, but this 
code does not attempt to interpret the contents of HDF5 files. If you 
want to add thumbnails to your data files you will need to decide how 
the data should be interpreted and code the image generation yourself.

Have fun!

On 08/08/2018 04:56 PM, Campbell, Stuart wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Done… let me know if you have any problems.
> Cheers
> Stu
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> *Subject: *Re: [NeXus-committee] new git repository
> Hi Everybody!
>    Tobias was kind enough to create a new repository for me, but 
> forgot to give me permission to do anything with it. Could somebody 
> with the "owner" role on the nexusformat github please give me write 
> access to the hdf5xmp repository? (Tobias didn't yet respond to a 
> direct email and I'd prefer to get this done before I go on holiday 
> next week.)
> Thanks,
> Ben
> On 08/06/2018 03:12 PM, Tobias Richter wrote:
>     Many thanks Ben! I've been looking forward for this for a while!
>     I created a repo: https://github.com/nexusformat/hdf5xmp
>     hdf5xmp avoids the overloaded "metadata" in our context. It's more
>     specific, but not as limiting like hdf5thumbnail. Hope you agree.
>     Best wishes,
>     Tobias
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>     *Subject:* [NeXus-committee] new git repository
>     Hi Everybody!
>         I have some code for embedding metadata (including thumbnails)
>     into
>     the "userblock" of HDF5 files (or as sidecar files) together with
>     plugins to show the thumbnails in the file browsers of the major OS's
>     (like you see for image files like jpegs). Documentation of the
>     code is
>     attached for those that would like more detail. I would like to
>     release
>     it as a new repository in the nexusformat github project, but I don't
>     have sufficient permissions to create a new repository. Could
>     somebody
>     please create the repository for me? (I suggest "HDF5metadata" as
>     a name.)
>     Thanks,
>     Ben

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